We are glad we can introduce our company to you.  Asia Rainbow Travel & Tours is a full service travel agency founded to deal with services that all foreign and local applicants will need. We offer professional services to our customers. Your satisfaction is important to us.
Our services include development of packages for tours, conventions, individual travel arrangement and recruitment's of domestic workers around world. Airfare can change from minute to minute, therefore Asia Rainbow Travel & Tours keeps a close watch via computerized link and extensive network of travel suppliers around the world. We would plan and book your entire trip.
For our clients, we offer an unlimited opportunity to get a job in China no matter what your education, religion, gender or nationality.
We help you acquire a visa to any country you wish to travel. 
Unlike other travel agencies, Asia Rainbow Travel & Tours can offer you more than just the day-to-day packages. We will join you in your trip to places you have only dreamed of, but with a whole different approach, mixing the best of tourism of each location with a local approach, so that you can experience and enjoy the best of it!
Customers who come to our office, in search of more than a place or hotel, our job is to make sure that their worries will be nothing but enjoy the holiday. Therefore, information about the place (from local restaurants to how to make an international call) and a good range of different activities that would fill different people’s wishes should be our main concern as well as observing airport protocols and as a result we definitely make our services the topmost priority.
Dos                                                                                      Don'ts

  • Write anything in red ink unless you’re correcting an exam. Red ink is used for letters of protest.
  • Leave your chopsticks upright in your bowl or tap your bowl with them.
  • Point the bottom of your shoes/feet at someone.
  • Shake your feet, lest you shake away all of your luck.
  • Touch someone’s head (it’s sacred).
  • Give clocks or books as gifts. The phrase ‘to give a clock’ in Mandarin sounds too much like ‘attend a funeral’ and ‘giving a book’ sounds like ‘delivering defeat.’
  • Make political comments like ‘boy, didn’t Mao kill a lot of people’ unless your new pals take the lead. Many Chinese remain huge Mao fans, as proven daily by the lines at his mausoleum.
  • Make out with your beau – limit your PDAs, lovebirds.
  • Be offended when asked if you’re married – and if you’re over 30 and single, say yes, lest you be pitied.
  • Give too much attention to an object someone else has; they may feel obligated to give it to you.
  • Wear your Free Tibet t-shirt unless you want a LOT of attention.
  • Use those pretty gold/silver papers for western décor. It’s for spiritual/cultural Chinese rituals.
  • Freak out if you don’t know what to do. When in doubt, simply watch what the Chinese people do and follow suit.

  • China may be changing fast, but it's still a highly traditional society. Showing respect for local customs will make your travels more pleasant for you and those around you. Here's some tips to help you avoid a gaffe.
  • Do…
  • Remove your shoes when entering a Chinese home or temple.
  • Greet the eldest person in a Chinese family first, as a sign of respect.
  • Beckon someone by waving them over to you with your palm down. Don’t point or use your finger (this gesture is used for dogs).
  • Present things to people with both hands, to show that what you’re offering is the fullest extent of yourself.
  • Be effusively thankful if someone gives you a gift, then set it aside to open later, to avoid appearing greedy.
  • Be prepared for random people approaching to you and asking to practice their English.
  • Keep calm when dealing with officials, especially if tense situations arise. Getting angry or raising your voice will create only an ugly, face-losing situation for all.
  • Eat what your host offers and orders, including alcohol; it’s rude to refuse.
  • Touch your glass below that of the eldest person in the group when toasting – the eldest (aka wise one) holds his/her glass highest.
  • Fill your companion’s tea cup when it’s empty, especially if your companion is older than you.
  • Eat all of the rice in your bowl – some Chinese believe it’s bad luck to leave even a single grain behind.
  • Say how much you love watching Yao Ming play in the NBA (when he’s healthy).
  • Prepare yourself to see animals treated very differently than you’re used to back home.
  • Be punctual. Being on time shows respect for others.

We pride ourselves in providing the best service to all of our customers, family, and friends. We believe that your satisfaction is most important and that you have a good time here. We showcase China to an international audience in a professional, sincere, genuine and responsible manner as priority. For some family members, it may possibly be the last opportunity of travelling together, sharing joyous, loving and timeless moments together which will bring pleasant memories for years to come. Satisfaction has been expressed from lots and lots of individuals, groups and families. Why wait? Be a part of this excellency.