About Us
Asia Rainbow Travel & Tours is a well-established travel company located in the cities of Dongguan and Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China. We comply with strict principles of professional conducts and ethics.
With over 9 years of travel experience in arranging individual and group travels, Asia Rainbow Travel & Tours acquire all necessary paper work ranging from individual to groups or as large as requested, as well as plan meetings/convention both home and abroad. Every travel need has it basic requirements. At Asia Rainbow Travel & Tours we accommodate this unique needs and preferences for individuals migrating from one country to another.
For your leisure travel and honeymoon in North America and South America, North and South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Africa. Asia Rainbow Travel & Tours shift from enormous numbers of visa applications, airfares, tours arrangements and other travel offerings to give you the most customized travel plan possible.
We have been known to unite family and friends around the world through our customized travel services and plans, with all forms of visa applications made easy for immigrants. Asia Rainbow Travel & Tours record the travel preferences and data on all it clients to ensure expedient service. This information is kept in the "Traveller's Profile" please always take a moment and request for this profile, so that our ever active agents can guarantee your prompt and efficient service. Therefore achieving all your travel plans is our utmost responsibility.
Meet Our Dedicated Team
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